Age of Cavemen 1.11.1 Apk + Mod for Android

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Age of Cavemen 1.11.1 Apk + Mod for Android


Age of Cavemen

Fend off dangers of the wild, battle ancient armies and create alliances in your mission to conquer the world. As village chief, you are to build a prosperous settlement while defending your people from prehistoric dangers. This will be no easy task for other clans occupy this world; clans whose intentions might not be so pure. Set in a time long before modern civilization caveman operated on one basic law, conquer or be conquered. Which will you be? Start your settlement today to find out.

Age of Cavemen is a free-to-play multiplayer strategy game where the main goal of the player
is to face the dangers of wild, prehistoric world as a village chief. Build the prosperous settlement,
lead your army, create alliances and destroy your opponents!

Network connection is required to play this game.


  • Build a strong and prosperous village
  • Survive attacks of the enemies
  • Train a huge army
  • Lead the warriors to victory in battle
  • Explore the prehistoric world with other Chieftains and conquer the world

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Dinomancer altar’s lightning targets up to 4 units. Every next unit takes 80% damage.
Skull altar works on every unit type as it should.
Healing Ritual and Dodo Rains work as it should.
Roar of Courage spell does not stack and it’s multiplier works as it should.
Chat indicators show valid message count.
Donated unit counter works as it should.
Towers retarget slightly faster.
More minor fixes.
Age of Cavemen Apk

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