Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android

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Download Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android Latest Downloader – Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android Mods premium unlocked files source from,,, and Download Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android the latest version game for Android and Blackberry 10 #BB10 OS with direct link apk only, ads removed.

Magic Puzzle Quest Apk + Mod for Android


Magic Puzzle Quest

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest combines the acclaimed card game with the original match-3 RPG to bring the Multiverse to life! Build the ultimate deck, recruit powerful Planeswalkers and gather mana to unleash spells and creatures on your opponents in competitive PVP, Coalitions, events and more!

All new weekly Events and competitive asynchronous PVP matches await! Explore the world of Kaladesh, defend the plane of Innistrad from destruction by Emrakul, or top the leaderboards against Magic The Gathering – Puzzle Quest players around the world! Play against other’s decks and win awesome new rewards including mythic and rare cards from the latest sets! Master each of the five mana colors to become the ultimate player and battle others for even better prizes!

Build a Coalition with your friends and join together enter weekly tournaments to win rewards and top leaderboards! Chat with your friends and come up with new strategies to test in battle!

Test your skills as you craft the perfect deck and climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive asynchronous player-versus-player puzzle combat! Use powerful Planeswalkers like Saheeli Rai and overwhelm your opponent with thopters and other deadly machines.

Build a worthy deck and battle some of Magic: The Gathering’s most deadly forces. Powerful spells such as Deploy The Gatewatch or ferocious creatures like Gisela, the Broken Blade await combat on the match-3 battlefield. Discover new mechanics like transform and meld to develop new strategies to win!

Choose the most powerful Planeswalkers in the Multiverse and build a deck worthy of these formidable mages. Stay several steps ahead of your enemy with Jace, the master of deception or unleash the fiery fury of Chandra, the pyromancer. Recruit new Planeswalkers like the malevolent Ob Nixilis or two-color mages like the Kiora or Sorin Markov.

Use your Planeswalker’s unique abilities like Chandra’s Fireball to annihilate your enemies, or Liliana’s Necromancy to raise the dead. Level up your Planeswalker and spells to crush your foes.


  • Now with decks from Oath of the Gatewatch, Battle for Zendikar, Shadows Over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon and Kaladesh. Card sets updated regularly.
  • Create powerful decks and new strategies to defeat your opponents.
  • Experience deep RPG leveling and make your Planeswalker’s abilities even more powerful.
  • Snag the top ranks in PVP matches, quick battles and Events to win top rewards.
  • Master each of the five colors to gain better rewards in PVP and Event tournaments.


MTGPQ 1.10.0!
Aether Revolt cards have arrived!
New Events to look out for in February:
A special Valentine’s Day Event
PVP Events: Fate is Rarely Fair, Emergency Ordinances
– Card balance and functionality fixes
– Bug Fixes
For full update notes in English, please visit


  • god mode
  • massive dmg
  • enemy monster 0 stats
  • bypass capable (turn Music OFF)

Magic Puzzle Quest Apk

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