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Age of Wushu

Nine – Age of Wushu v1.0.5 Mod Apk Let’s get martial arts with the strongest martial arts!

◇ ◆ Nine Years – Features of Age of Wushu – ◇ ◆
A variety of techniques and weapons exist that can not be thought of as a smartphone!
Exhilarating feeling of flying sky, variegated battle system where victory or defeat depends on tricks of technique
Because it is overwhelming volume, realized, full of elements of recruitment!

◇ ◆ Synopsis ◇ ◆
Time is in the early morning.
“Eikyu Emperor”, which plundered the throne, tried conspiracy to make the regime unchallenged.
That is, those who got the legendary secret text “Nine Yin Magari”
It was a dissemination of rumors that you can master the ultimate martial arts ….
As expected, the Jiang luxury gods were exhausted by a temporary battle over secret literature, and they did not appear to oppose the courtroom.

However, there were also people who had doubts about secret texts.
That … … is also a highly respected school warrior in Jiang Lake.

Will you be able to unlock the truth of “Nine Yin Magari” with them?
With nearer the truth, I do not even know that I will call further warfare ….

■ Various action battle ■
Battle style and your own combining school and weapons
In addition, various passive skills to strengthen battle style
Tense battles by bargaining of “attack” “defense” “feint”
Let’s enjoy unprecedented action battle still in various combinations!

■ How to move the sky can be used as it is “Light Gong” ■
“Light Gong” can jump and move while flying in the sky etc.
Acrobatic character movement is possible!

■ “Trade” where items can be traded among players ■
I can not get the item I want … safe such a worry!
In the ninth shade, items hard to obtain such as rare equipment and skills books are also
You can trade with each other!

■ Honor martial arts with competitors and compete!
Let’s compete against rivals with wearing battle style!
There are various battle formats such as a simple battle of 1 vs 1 and a flag battle.
Let’s aim at the top with a match-up method that suits me!

■ Massive multiplayer fighting such as guild fighting and school fighting also enriched!
Only 1 vs 1 is not a match!
If you join the guild, you can also participate in a team battle of up to 25 vs 25!
Furthermore, multiplayer competitions such as battle by MOBA format are enriched among belonging schools!

◆ Recommended OS ◆
Android 5.0 or higher

◇ Official website ◇

◇ Official Twitter ◇

◇ Official Facebook ◇

九陰 -Age of Wushu-
九陰 -Age of Wushu-
九陰 -Age of Wushu-
九陰 -Age of Wushu-
九陰 -Age of Wushu-
九陰 -Age of Wushu-

– No-cd skill
– Infinite mana
– God mode

– Disable Signature Verfication with lucky patch first, then you can install my mod
– If you get any problem please let me know

Install step:
– Just download & install mod, data download in game


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