Sea Game 1.7.13 Apk + Data for Android

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Sea Game 1.7.13 Apk + Data for Android


Sea Game

Dear customers,

Welcome to Sea Game! In this multiplayer real-time online strategy game, you will participate in the Planet Championship held by the Galaxy Alliance. Starting from the ground up, you can then decide to go logistically and join a big alliance to assist others or assemble a huge army to wipe out your rivals. The history of this big beautiful planet is all up to us.

–Background Story–
The Galaxy Alliance has revolutionized technology and developed by leaps and bounds after stepping into space. Just like any rapid developing entity in history, problems such as racial and class conflicts, and resource shortages haunt the Alliance, but now more than ever. The Alliance needs lots of fresh blood to combat against these situations. Hence, some newly discovered planets have been selected as testing grounds for new and true talents. Anyone from any race or any class can participate in this championship. The winner will earn sovereignty over the planet, as well as a legal lordship as Planet Governor.

– Extraordinary 3D graphics in a familiar American cartoon style.
– Real-time global synchronization technology allows you to play with other players across the world. Each and every command from you impacts the whole world.
– Adaptive battle system allows up to 100 v.s. 100 battle with no crashes or lags.
– Innovative Boss fight system allows anyone to join the battle anytime before the boss dies. Bosses are not exclusive challenges for high-level players anymore.
– Multiple powerful Megacarriers are waiting for your orders.
– Customize your fleet with different carriers, destroyers, and submarines, each suited to a specific purpose.


– Adjusted the speed and resource consumption of ship production & repairs.
– Expanded the world map.
– Added the Death Abyss that surrounds all Sovereign Towers.
– Added Server Migration function.
– Added Growth Path and Power Up event.
– Optimized the visual effects in marches and battles


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.tridentstudio.seagame” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.
Sea Game Apk