Shakey’s Escape 1.3.1 Apk for Android

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Shakey’s Escape 1.3.1 Apk for Android


Shakey’s Escape

Thrust into the outside world by your evil owner you are forced to survive in a dark and mysterious city. Fight to stay alive as you make your way on a journey to find a safe new home!

Shakey’s Escape ® is a physics based Action Adventure game optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Escape from your mean, angry owner, battle enemies and explore your way through a foreign environment to find a safe new home

Be rewarded for breaking as much stuff as you can!

Fight your enemies by charging at them with razor sharp claws. Target their heads and backs to perform combos and inflict more damage

Interact with the environment to find a way to escape each situation. From setting off explosive chain reactions to driving machinery through walls, the puzzle aspect is based off Shakey’s natural ability to destroy things

Shakey’s Escape includes an independent leaderboard to add an element of challenge and replayability. Leaderboard scores are based off the combined total of destroyed items, level scores and collected diamonds




– Added AO to all lightmaps
– Cleaned up UI
– Adjusted combat soundfx
– Fixed error where extension could not be found on device causing load scene to fail
Shakey’s Escape Apk